Direct Access Barrister fixed fees: what it means for you


7th September 2018

When you instruct a barrister through direct access, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re going to be charged. Nobody wants to be faced with a barrister’s bill they can’t pay, and it’s in everyone’s interest to know from the start what the price is and what you’re paying for.

Clear, transparent pricing is of the utmost important to Keith Webster. At the start, he will give you a clear price for the barrister advice and services you agree. If this is on a fixed fee basis, it means he will estimate the time the work will take and give you a single price for it, rather than keeping count and charging you for time on an hourly basis. You review the quote and accept it if you want to go ahead. If you don’t want to accept the quote, you can walk away.

If you decide you want further barrister services or advice after Keith has done all that you agreed for the first fixed fee quote, he will provide a new quotation. That means you always know what you’re going to be charged and can decide whether you want to go ahead, step by step.

Keith understands how important value for money is for barrister legal services. He has years of experience working with direct access clients and can estimate very accurately the time and effort that any individual client’s case will take. In your initial consultation, he may be able to indicate what he hopes his advice and legal services could gain for you. That will help you decide whether his fixed fee quote is good value for you.

With a direct access barrister fixed fee quote, you’re protected from rising costs if the case or legal work is more complicated than expected. Keith will honour the fixed fee quote even if he has to spend more time than he predicted fulfilling the agreed services.

Keith’s initial advice will be free and without obligation.

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