Minority Shareholder Protection

Protecting the interests of Minority Shareholders

Stop the other shareholders from treating you unfairly.

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You can take legal action to protect yourself as a shareholder from unfair treatment.

Many people believe that provided the other shareholders act in accordance with the Shareholders’ Agreement and/or the Articles of Association, they are free to take action that prejudices you as a minority shareholder.

This is not the case…

Neither are they allowed to use their controlling interest in the company to run it in to their financial advantage and your disadvantage.

Directors and Senior Executives who hold shares in private companies can be particularly vulnerable to unfair treatment which leads to the value of their shares being reduced or even wiped out.

I can help you to take legal action which allow the courts to stop the unfair treatment, to wind back the clock and compensate you for your losses and even to order that you are bought out.

I specialise in bringing action which allows the court to intervene to order fair treatment. This can include:

  • An order to buy you out at fair value within 28 days
  • An order to buy you out at fair value without a minority discount
  • Winding up of the company
  • Other equitable remedies which specifically prevent the other shareholders from acting to your disadvantage
  • Ordering that you are compensated for value which you have lost because of other running the company against your interests

I can also advise on whether you have the right to sue the majority shareholders on behalf of the company to prevent them from plundering the company’s resources for their own benefit and against the company’s interests (and yours). This kind of claim can also be brought by any shareholder, no matter how small their shareholding, against any member (shareholder), director, ex-director or shadow director. It can be due to any default, breach of duty, breach of trust, negligence or failure to act. Whether done knowingly or unknowingly.

You can apply to the court to order that prejudicial activity stops and to order compensation for the money or value which they have caused you to lose by using their voting power oppressively.

The management time and legal costs involved in disputes of this nature can have catastrophic effects on individuals and the companies concerned. Call me now to nip this problem in the bud and get fast, practical and effective advice on how to stop the other shareholders in their tracks.

Insurance to cover expensive legal costs

I am an expert in insurance funded litigation. Where I have a strong case, and if you would like me to, I can arrange insurance funding to cover all or part of the costs in return for paying the insurer a percentage of the money the Court orders.

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