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Expert legal advice from an Employment Law specialist creating a bespoke shareholders agreement. Get a fixed fee quote and do not allow costs to escalate. You could save up to 50% on your legal costs.

Keith Webster is an Employment Lawyer and a commercial Barrister,; He has a particular interest in specialising in advising Shareholders and Shareholder Directors as to how to protect their interests.

Before coming to the law he spent many years as a shareholder director in large and small companies. So commercial realities in these situations are very familiar to him

A shareholders agreement is no more than a contract but is essential in ensuring the smooth running of the company detailing the responsibilities and decisions that shareholders are able to make. There is no legal requirement for such an agreement but without it the future stability of the company and the rights of shareholders can become at risk. A deadlock can prevent the company from functioning properly and without providing for rogue or maverick behaviour putting things right can take years.

There is not a one size fits all. Each shareholders agreement is a bespoke framework to reflect the requirements of the shareholders providing for reasonable and elegant solutions in the event of differences of opinion. The agreement will invariably include clauses to protect the minority shareholders ensuring majority shareholders do not enforce their will to the detriment of the others. The shareholder’s agreement is created to minimise the potential for conflict between shareholders and for the company to be run effectively and profitably.

Keith’s knowledge of minority shareholder protection, directors’ fiduciary duties, share structures and commercial practices provide real added value to clients. As well as being instructed to advise and represent in these cases he is often instructed to represent employers or employees in without prejudice negotiations or mediations.

When the honeymoon period is over, things can get difficult. The more that is set in stone in a shareholders’ agreement the less there is to argue about. Everyone knows where they are protected and so the more energy can be focussed on building the business instead of worrying about future disagreements.

Expert legal advice is paramount in business and creating the necessary safeguards to protect yourself and fellow shareholders is key to success when things change, whether for the better or worse. Individual legal advice and documentation tailored for your specific circumstances are crucial and Keith as a barrister with a wealth of experience will be able to succinctly and expertly advise you.

He is known for providing clear, no-nonsense advice on legal and commercial options for bringing disputes to a conclusion and on the strengths of any potential tribunal or court case.

Keith had advised on shareholder agreements for businesses across the UK from his offices in London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

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